Veterans Park Phase 1

Phase 1

Cleaning The Park
Brush Removal

Veterans Park Phase 1



Veterans Park Phase 1

Phase 3

Memorial Wall
Service Flags

We Need Your Help!
To Find All Past And Present
Veterans In District 5
Amador County

The Rotary Club of Plymouth-Foothills, City of Plymouth, District 5 County Supervisor Brian Oneto, Amador County Veterans Services, and the American Legion are compiling a list of veterans (past and present) that live or have lived in Amador County District 5. This list will serve as the foundation for a memorial being developed to honor our District 5 Veterans (Plymouth, Drytown, River Pines, Fiddletown and Shenandoah Valley). We will attempt to keep each veteran and/or their family appraised of the memorial's progress.

The memorial will be located in the Plymouth Veterans Park along Highway 49. As part of a three phase development plan, we hope to turn a piece of Plymouth into a Family Friendly Park that will be used by many and show our support for the men and women who have given their service, and in some cases their lives, so we can have the freedoms we enjoy today! Not just on Memorial Day, but every day! If you know of a local District 5 Veteran, past or present, please complete the attached form.


The Granite Has Arrived

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Opening Shipping Crate
Removing Plastic Wrap
Inspecting the Granite
Discussing Name Placement
Discussing Rebar Placement
Measuring Rebar Holes

Verifying Size of Granite
Mock Bench Size
Jim Watching Intently
Measuring Circumference & Flagpole Placement
Opening Benches

Inspecting Bench Legs